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 My game strategy

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PostSubject: Re: My game strategy   Thu Apr 04, 2013 5:52 pm

Love the game strategy commander thank you for posting it.
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PostSubject: My game strategy   Thu Apr 04, 2013 3:03 pm

Hi guys,

I've been playing MW for a few months now. Commander is my second player on my ipad. I have another one on my iphone, level 65. So here is what i learnt:

1) try to level up as slowly as possible; leveling is the only thing in the game you cannot take back; you're goal is to remain the strongest player at your level;

2) make sure you have enough allies and units. You can have 5 allies per level and 4 units per allies. So a level 5 should have at least 20 allies and 80 units; if not, you will end up by fighting against ennemies xho will!

3) how to get more allies? First you can leave your id on your wall. You can also leave it on other players' wall. In addition to that, you can post it on the official modern war forum.

4) what unit should i buy? I recommend you buy low casualty unit. They might look more expensive but actuzlly they are not since you wont have to replace them as often. Also, you should pick your units according to your flag as you will have a 10% bonus on their stats (ex: sea for UK players)

5) defense buildings are great as they giving you additional def stats (in addition to the units you can take to battle), plus they never die, no casualty rate!

6) always upgrade your vault. As soon as it's done, restart it even if you dont need it. The reason? Soon it will take hundreds of hours to upgrade and it might be too late when you need it.

7) always have 1 building upgrading. Dont waste time. Boost buildings are great, and of course dont forget money buildings. As of unit buildings, dont try to level up all of them (sea, ground, etc). Try to focus on 1 or 2 kinds so you can reach high levels and stronger units

8 ) if you want to attack someone, first hit "raid" and check his profile so you know in advance if he is stronger than you. If the player has boost buildings on his base, be carefull as the bonuses they bring are not included in the profile you will see

9) if you raid, only raid money buildings. The other buildings wont pay much and they will kill several units of yours

10) iph is key. The best way to build it is by focusing on 12h, 24h and 48h money buildings. Why? Because they are easier to collect from. Mine are set up to pay at 8pm and 8am everyday. That xay i know when i need to pick up and i dont get raided

11)if you buy gold, the best way to spend it is the composites factory. If you already have it, then use your gold for health regen during boss events. Boss events are the most profitable event in MW as they always pay units.

Please, discuss and add your suggestions.
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My game strategy
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