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 My faction Strategy

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My faction Strategy Empty
PostSubject: My faction Strategy   My faction Strategy EmptyThu Apr 04, 2013 3:19 pm

With my other player, our faction arrived 108th in China. This is what i recommend in order to succeed:

1) guild increase should be our main concern; the more players, the better: we get more donations and we have more participations during battled; soon, bonuses will cost billions.

2) the second best bonus is health regen. Standard regen is 1min per % so 100min for 100%. Each attack cost 25% so by default you get 4 attacks + 1 attack every 25min. Each fight lzsts 1h. this means you get 6 shots at best. Health regen bonus accelerates that so you can hit more times and score more points

3) each officer should have a role (donation tracking, recruitment, fight leader during events, etc)

4) donations should be logged on a google spreadsheet accessible (in read only) by every one in the faction. This is the only way to track and motivate every one. Warnings should be giving at the end of each week when minimums are not met. After two warnings, the player could face expulsion

5) during events it is key to start battles every 2 hours (each battle lasts 1h then it gives 1h for regen).

6) when it's time for battle, an officer does a roll call to see how many players are available. If less than 5, we cannot do a fight; each player gives his current stats so the officer can assess roles (who takes czre of the wall, who takes care of the def leader, who scouts ennemies, etc) -> i will go into more details about that prt when it's decided to do the battles

7) factions are matched according to their total stats so it is important to mix strong and weak players in the faction instead of having all average players. Weak players will be used for power attacks and strong players will be used to score and find gimps for the weak players

Cool members of the faction should be chosen according to the time zone. We need a european and a us team so we can battle 24/7.

9) it is key to have strong stats and low level: the lower your level is versus your ennemy's, the more points you score (if you still win)

Please, discuss and comment...
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My faction Strategy
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